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Current in  Mobile Telecom Services
Telecom services include, but are not limited to, television, computer, mobile phones, prepaid phones, prepaid phone cards, and land phones. The competitive market for mobile phones, Internet, and satellite TV changes almost daily

Advancement of Technology
Before mobile communications, the landline phone served as the primary means of telecommunication for personal or business use. The first models were contained in a large, awkward bag, and required being plugged into a car energy source. At about the same time, “rabbit ears” for catching airwaves for television became a thing of the past with the introduction of cable TV and satellite networks.


T -Mobile-Studio AppCurrently, the two largest satellite communicators are Dish Network and Direct TV. Both services work with much the same equipment and offer very similar packages in various price ranges. The package price increases according to how many channel options are purchased. Options that may be added include movie channels, sports channels, children’s programming, and adult programming.

Mobile Phones
Carriers for mobile phones continue to grow with the advancement of telecommunication technology. Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, and Sprint currently appear as front-runners in the mobile phone industry. Different cellular devices offer a variety of options and are often compatible with specific types of plans. The Internet service option has greatly affected cellular sales as business professionals have found a way to quickly accomplish communications work through their mobile device. Plans are typically priced according to the number of minutes available during peak hours. Peak hours are usually between 7-8 a.m. and 7-8 p.m. The majority of plans consist of limited minutes. Variation of minutes and free deals are also often offered with specific plans.  These incentives may include free nights and weekends after peak hours expire, free mobile to mobile, or free calling to your top five dialed numbers. Some carriers may even offer rolling unused minutes into the next billing period. The cellular service will continue to be competitive for as long as new technology continues to hit the market with new incentives.

Mobile Games

Mobile GamesThe gaming market is moving more and more over to mobile and tablets, you can now find the most popular mobile games like pokies and even casino games on your mobile phone, read more here

Internet providers are equally as competitive, and pricing works along much the same standards as the mobile phone industry.  Internet speed often determines the price the customer will pay. More advanced servers offer better technology and hence, are able to get faster, more reliable speed. Factors that affect Internet speed include the proximity of the exchange to the requesting service, the length of the phone lines, as well as the processing speed of the computer.

An Example of Telecommunications Expansion

  • For a number of years, AT&T was a basic landline provider. Today, AT&T has opened their doors to mobile phones and Internet services.  Most recently, they joined with DirecTV in an attempt to provide better rates to their customers. Bundled services offer combined billing of several different services together. A bundled service offers deals to help streamline business and save the customer money. By offering all of the various telecommunication services in one conveniently bundled package, they have established their services to be extremely competitive in the telecommunications world.